PVC flexible heaters

PVC Heating Mats

Alper's ultra-thin PVC flexible mats are produced using PTF-PET heating technology encapsulated between two electro welded PVC sheets with a high frequency process. The thickness of the heating element is about 2mm and gives the product considerable strength and durability.

PVC heating mats are used as an example in gardening, they are a useful accessory when combined with small greenhouses for cultivation for DIY kits but not only. Heating mat for greenhouses facilitate seed germination and reproduction by cuttings, create a comfortable habitat even when temperatures are lower during the winter months.

Reptile terrariums and aquariums need adequate heating to provide a healthy environment for our small animals. The heat is radiated through the surfaces simulating the solar one. Pets like small dogs and cats find benefits from heated doghouse.

Thanks to their long and narrow shape, the PVC heating belts adapt perfectly to the drums, they do not require thermoregulation as the temperature remains around 20 °C. Electric PVC belt heater speed up wine and beer fermentation and keep the flavour unchanged.

Alper PVC mats are also used in various industrial processes where heat is required.
To the resistances it is possible to add a thermostat with fuses and temperature limiters.
Production in special batches is feasible, even in small quantities. A promise of flexibility from Alper, which has optimized its production capacity in order to always develop new products according to the customer's request.

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