PVC flexible heaters

PVC flexible mat heaters

Alper`s ultra-flat PVC flexible heaters are produced using PTF-PET heating technology encapsulated between two electrically welded PVC sheets with a high frequency process. The overall thickness of the heating element is 2 mm and gives the product a remarkable strength and durability. Flexible PVC heaters are used in various fields of application, such as in gardening, where they are widely used for the development of the roots of plants and flowers during the winter, in the heating of small animals and in some industrial processes.

It is possible to use the resistors with the regulation thermostat, with fuses and temperature limiters; production in special batches is also possible, even in small quantities. A promise of flexibility by Alper, which has made its production capacity leaner in order to be able to always develop new products according to the customer`s request.