About Us

A project that began with flexible carbon heaters

In 1992, Alper was working – in its small specialisation centre, founded in the province of Vicenza – on conductive pastes for flexible carbon heaters with a PTC effect. The project was carried forward by a small group of experts who soon demonstrated commitment and know-how in development and research. The huge innovative potential of the first products soon led to market success.

Today's innovators in the flexible carbon heaters field

Pure passion and outstanding flexible carbon heaters technology saw these products, in the new millennium, form the very heart of Alper. In just a few years the company heightened its ambitions, becoming a leader in the development of polyester and carbon heaters with power densities ranging from very low to high.

Present on several markets and in new product sectors, the company is still steadily growing, achieving goals that would initially have been unimaginable.