Crankcase Heater

Heating resistance for compressors

The durable construction of this compressor heater (crankcase) combined with easy installation by means of an efficient steel knurled belt with relative fixing system allows it to be used in environments where a high IP degree is required and at the same time excellent reliability both as mechanical strength and electrical reliability at high and low temperatures.

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The use of a screw pull hook, in addition to allowing quick installation, provides the heater with excellent adhesion to the compressor and therefore a perfect heat exchange with the compressor.
It is also possible to manufacture this product according to customer specifications with power cables of different lengths and resistant to UV rays as well as low temperatures.

The heater can be supplied with protection thermostats and thermo fuses.

It can be supplied with metal terminals or other connectors according to customer specifications.

  • Strap width in AISI 304: 9mm.
  • Powers: up to 60 Watt/m
  • Temperature: -30°C to 180°C.
  • Compressor diameter: from 100mm to 380mm.
  • Materials: silicone heating cable / PVC power cable or other upon request.
  • Connections: Spade terminals, various types of fastons, others on request.
  • Cable: 3-core PVC.
  • Cold sector: power cord.
  • Standard colors: White, Gray.
  • Metallic braid in tinned copper as mechanical protection and earthing
  • Power supply voltages from 100 to 230Volt.
  • Construction in class I.
  • Testing according to EN 60335-1 and EN 50106
  • Construction according to directive 2006/95 / EC