Heating cable in aluminium foil

Aluminum foil with heating cable

Alper's flexible heating cable in aluminum foil combines the great versatility of this technology with the simplicity of application thanks to the adhesive aluminum foil.
The continuous extruded cable allows the product to be used in environments where a high IP degree is required. At the same time, the same cable offers excellent reliability, mechanical strength and electrical safety, both at high and low temperatures.

The use of adhesive aluminum, in addition to allowing rapid application, provides the aluminum foil heater with excellent heat exchange even on curved or irregular surfaces. Alper also allows you to have, within the same cable, hot and cold parts identified by a visual indicator.

The heating cable in aluminum foil finds countless applications in the field of industrial refrigeration, in the heating sector of exotic animals such as reptiles, but also to heat aquariums, in machines for pastry, catering, gardening, medical, antennas in the telecommunications sector, in small and large household appliances and in the industrial sector in general.

The flexible cable in aluminium foil heater can be supplied with protection thermostats and thermal fuses. In addition, metal terminals, EU plug or other connections can be supplied upon customer request.

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