Mirror demister heating pad - STOP VAPOR

Mirror defogger ultra-flat heating film - StopVapor

Stop Vapor bathroom mirror heaters belong to the range of Alper items that aims to satisfy the demands of professionals looking for added value for their products. An invisible comfort that makes the difference. The anti-condensation heating film is invisible because it adheres to the back of the mirror. StopVapor is a heater for mirror that prevents the vapor to fog its surface. StopVapor anti condensation film is the solution for mirrors in humid environments or where temperature differences frequently occur. StopVapor mirror heater pad is designed for bathrooms in homes without windows with poor ventilation, public buildings, hotels, hospitals, sports facilities and gyms.

Stopvapor mirror defogger is the only Alper product that, in addition to the possibility of customization, also has standard dimensions that adapt to various mirror designs: round, square and rectangular.

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