Printed Electronics (PE) - Flexible Printed Circuits

Flexible printed circuits - Polyester (PET) and silver paste

Alper applies Printed Electronics (PE) for manufacture flexible printed circuits.
To produce with this innovative technology, Alper uses a PET polymeric foil, a flexible and thin substrate. Alper's flexible printed circuit boards are produced by screen printing. They are deposited on the thin PET sheet tracks produced with a conductive mixture based on silver and other components. Subsequently, everything is sealed and protected by insulating layers capable of ensuring high dielectric strength, over 3750 V.

Each FPC (Flexible printed circuit), can be made adhesive from one or both sides and equipped with any type of cable and connector.
Printed Electronic(PE) allows the production of remarkably thin flexible circuit boards (min. thickness 0.2mm) that can flex and bend without the risk of breaking or damaging the circuit.

Due to their characteristics, they are used in small spaces where a signal is needed, even in current. Silver acts as a conductive material creating the electrical connection. Flexible circuits are used in the electronics and automotive, medical, telecommunications, aerospace sectors. The flexible substrate makes the circuits suitable for the following uses: capacitive sensors, automotive antennas, burglary protection circuits, liquid leak detection systems and many others. Alper circuits are also suitable for IoT technology (Internet of Things) implementation.

Thanks to continuous research aimed at improvement, Alper is at the forefront and manufactures reliable, high quality and long-lasting flexible circuit boards using Printed Electronic (PE).
The environmental impact is minimal, Alper is an ecological company. To produce Printed Electronic (PE), Alper does not produce toxic waste either for the environment or for humans. The production of printed circuit boards takes place by additive manufacturing.

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