Silicone etch foil heaters

Silicone rubber flexible heaters

The ultra-flat etched foil heaters of Alper are produced by chemical etching and allow to reduce the thickness of the heating element as much as possible (min. 0.8 mm). They are used in various fields of application, for example aerospace, naval, dishwashers, hobs, kettles, heating bands for barrels and many others.

Alper technology, unique in its kind, allows to minimize the thickness of the heating element, while allowing very intense heating with continuous temperatures at 200 ° C and up to peaks of 230 ° C. The reliability of silicone over time, even in extreme conditions, makes this product the best choice in the professional and medical sector. Alper can supply ultra-flat etched foil silicone resistors with slots, holes, traction belts, customizations and various accessories on request, such as fixed and adjustable thermostats, probes, pt100 and pockets for housing probes.