StopVapor - Anti-condensation systems for mirrors

StopVapor - Anti-condensation systems for mirrors

StopVapor - Anti-condensation systems for mirrors

ALPER has been producing thin and flexible heating elements since 1992. The innovative heating technology distinguishes ALPER and makes it unique as a company thanks to all the applications and customizations it is able to realize.

The technical characteristics of PET and Carbon heating elements allow the achievement of warm functional temperatures. ALPER heating elements perfectly integrate with custom projects such as, for example, contract for hotels.

From a problem, a solution is found: hot showers in hotel rooms’ bathrooms are not so pleasant due to the formation of humidity in the air all around. The mirror fogs immediately. Since the mirror has a cold surface, it needs heating to avoid the annoying appearance of the condensation.

ALPER has found the solution. StopVapor- anti-condensation for mirror heats its surface from the back preventing steam from taking root and hindering the consequent formation of annoying water droplets phenomenon. 

StopVapor is not only used in hotels and cruise ships but also in all those places such as swimming pools and sports facilities where it is more difficult to guarantee a ventilated environment. The usefulness of StopVapor is not limited to this. The mirrors furnished with StopVapor anti-condensation have an extra comfort which makes them exclusive and different from the classic models sell on the market.

StopVapor is available in rectangular, square and round shapes and in different measures.

ALPER's sales and technical team is at your complete disposal to help you to find the perfect solution to your needs.

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