Anticondensation systems for cooker hoods

Anticondensation systems for cooker hoods

Anticondensation systems for cooker hoods

ALPER is an italian manufacturer of flexible electric polyester heaters.

Years of experience in the sector have contributed to the creation of increasingly precise and performing heating elements.

ALPER flexible heating solutions are made with two thin PET layers with conductive carbon and silver ink on the inside.

ALPER for the Ho.Re.Ca sector contributes with cooker hoods heating components.

ALPER offers a simple but indispensable solution. Kitchens are a very humid environment due to the vapours that are generated during the cooking. The condensation phenomenon is very frequent. The vapor, in fact, when it is in contact with cold surfaces, passes from gas to a liquid state. This transformation causes the formation of little drops that once they become too heavy fall wetting the surrounding space.

This unpleasant phenomenon often occurs when induction hobs are installed above cooker hoods. Induction cooktop distributes concentrated heat. This system does not heat the surrounding environment, so differences of temperature and cold surfaces are favoured. The extractor hoods, positioned above the induction hobs, therefore require heating to prevent dripping from their surfaces.

ALPER flat heaters come into play as anti-condensation system. Their application is hidden behind the surface most exposed to vapours or to the one which need heating. Electric heating elements can be adhesive or non-adhesive. Thanks to their characteristic of being thin and flexible, they adapt perfectly to all surfaces, even curved ones.

End of production tests and certifications guarantee the quality of ALPER products.

We are at your disposal to help you in the design of heating elements with anti-condensation function for yours cooker extractor hoods.