PET (polyester) flexible film heaters

Polyester flexible heating elements

Flexible heaters produced by Alper are made by screen-printing. A thin transparent PET layer is the base for silver tracks and carbon ink, respectively the current-conducting and heating part. Only by changing the carbon ink composition, Alper reduces the costs of every small change in the power required (+/- 20%) of the polyester heater. This unique technology is enabled by the additive manufacturing process with less waste and low production costs.

Heating films are ultra-thin and lightweight, flexible electric polyester heaters allow to reduce the thickness of the heating element as much as possible (down to 0.2mm).

For these reasons, ultra-thin flexible heaters are suitable for various fields of application, for example: aerospace, naval, automotive, medical, small household appliances and construction.

The continuous research of new formulations of heating ink has allowed Alper to make the production capacity extremely versatile and the development of new products according to customer request.

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