Heaters for kennels and doghouses

Heaters for kennels and doghouses

Heaters for kennels and doghouses

Electric flexible heaters for kennels and outdoors dog and cat houses

The advantages of equipping outdoor dog houses with a heater

ALPER for warming of animals provides the best solution to our beloved dogs and cats.

Here is a brief illustration of what are the advantages, benefits and types of heating for kennels and outdoors dog and cat houses.

The affection that our beloved dogs and cats show us every day is unequaled. To them we give our attention, and we always seek the best as a reward for their love.

It is for this reason that ALPER is committed to offering the best quality products, Made in Italy and with the necessary certifications to meet all the needs even the most pretentious ones of lovers of the Pet Care sector.

The involvement of our Italian company ALPER for Pet Care starts with the commitment to search the right materials, the best design for the project until the final application to meet the customer’s needs.

The solutions that ALPER offers for the Pet Care sector can be divided into three different types:

-PVC heating mats

-Heating cable in aluminum foil

-PET and Carbon heater

Our proposals differ according to the final use and the results to be obtained. Based on the characteristics of your project, our sales and technicians will be happy to direct you towards the best choice.

ALPER flexible heating elements are applied to various types of kennels and animal houses

Outdoor dog and cat houses and kennels

ALPER supplies electric thin ad flexible heaters for outdoor kennels for dogs or cats designed to be placed in gardens or outdoor spaces. The ALPER heating elements are installed under the floor of the kennel/doghouse creating the right warmth to ensure a good rest for the animal. Suitable for large or small kennels in different materials, also in wood.

ALPER thin heating elements are suitable to be insert into a metal platform. This "do it yourself" concept makes this solution the most versatile and adaptable to various applications thanks to the possibility to move the heating element where is needed, even to be placed under cats and dogs beds.

The electric heating elements of ALPER lend themselves, due to their thin thickness, to be inserted in covered and hidden spaces, to avoid the risks of bite drilling and the subsequent bad consequences that could harm the animal. The characteristics of ALPER's flexible and thin heating elements easily allow the safety of the heating element keeping it away from the animal, even if the product is designed in low voltages for this particular type of application.

Kennel or cat and dog houses equipped with an ALPER heating element is a must to provide the comfort that our small pets deserve.

Warmth for older, frail animals and puppies

The ALPER heater comes into action even when the needs of benefit prevail over those of comfort. The heating element of ALPER intervenes when delicate situations arise to support animals that, for example, have just undergone operations or surgery and that need heat to speed up healing times.

The same applies to the most fragile and cold older animals; even for puppies, who just come into the world, find it difficult to adapt to temperature changes. ALPER heating elements allow a homogeneous distribution of heat over the entire surface and heat while maintaining a constant degree of temperature.

Heat for kennels and animal recovery associations

Places of accommodation and temporary refuge for animals, such as kennels, have the possibility to guarantee a welcoming and comfortable environment during the stay of the animal thanks to the implementation of the use of ALPER thin resistancesALPER resistances come into play to ensure warm and comfortable environments by bringing its own heating contribution to support projects and installations for animal Pet Care.


ALPER is a B2B company with the aim of providing intelligent and highly useful solutions to increase the added value of products for animal accessories and welfare.

To discuss your project do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal.