Anti-condensation systems for lenses and cameras lenses

Anti-condensation systems for lenses and cameras lenses

Anti-condensation systems for lenses and cameras lenses

ALPER is an Italian manufacturer of electric heaters. ALPER thin and flexible heating elements differentiates by their PET and Carbon technology.

The realization of ALPER heaters takes place through additive production using screen printing. This producing technique has the advantage of reducing material waste. ALPER's commitment is to respect the environment, year after year ALPER works hard to guarantee an increasingly clean environment.

ALPER production is flexible, like its products. Once the project has been defined, small corrections on power values are still possible. Heater’s power could be modified by making variations of +/- 20% on heating carbon ink composition.

The flexibility of ALPER resistances also consists in the ability to meet the demands of multiple and transversal product sectors. One of which is the one concerning video security.

ALPER produces flexible heaters with anti-condensation function for lenses and camera lenses. Cameras such as CCTV security systems, rear-view car cameras, ADAS devices.

But also, cameras for outdoors as intercoms and video surveillance.

ALPER flexible heating elements with anti-condensation function furnish their contribute to a clear image recording through a transparent lens free of mist.

Cameras operating in outdoor spaces, often present problems of humidity and condensation, being subject to bad weather and temperature changes. ALPER flexible electric heaters contribute to heat surfaces at the right temperature to prevent fogging. ALPER flexible heating elements adapt perfectly even to the tightest spaces and curved surfaces. The possibility of making resistances adhesive allow a precise and efficient application.<

Cameras equipped with ALPER polyester film heaters ensure clear and crystalline images recording even in rigid temperatures conditions.

ALPER resistances can be produced according to customer specifics.

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