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Flexible Heating Systems since 1992

Alper is a world of values, where 'passion', for people like us who love innovation, means quality and respect for the environment. The origins of Alper began in 1992 in the R&D division of a well-known company, which was world leader in the field of aquariums and within this context, it was the first in the world, to develop a range of heaters in polyester with high power density which enabled the mother company to develop new products and to enter the American market. Alper represents today a modern production complex producing flexible heaters in polyester and other materials, for a wide variety of applications and markets with over half a million pieces produced per year The vast range of ultra-slim heating elements that Alper offers on the market is the key to the satisfaction of numerous requirements of our customers in terms of technology, productivity and quality. The Company's efforts, as always aiming at the satisfaction of the needs of the Customers, join together the primary ideals of Alper: respect for the environment and the continual technical upgrading of the production plants. The speed at which new projects are developed, the quality and speed of the delivery of our products are the focal points of Alper. These values have been recognised on an international scale.

Partnership with our customers

We have always believed in working together with our customers: in order to satisfy an ever increasingly demanding market, we need, first of all, to listen. We do this every day, with competence and know-how, right from the very first contact with a prospective customer through the stage of project creation to Customer assistance.
A life philosophy based on collaboration and information sharing so as to develop ever new flexible electrical resistances in polyester and so grow, day by day together with those who put their trust in us.